2023 Panini Gold Standard Football Hobby Box- PERSONAL BREAK

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2024 Topps Tribute Baseball Hobby Box Hobby Box - PERSONAL BREAK

Personal RIP & SHIP

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Product Highlights

  • 5 Autographs or Memorabilia Cards per Box!
  • 2 Base or Base Parallel Cards per Box!

Key Rookies

  • Bryce Young
  • Anthony Richardson
  • Bijan Robinson
  • C.J. Stroud
  • Will Levis
  • Zay Flowers
  • Dalton Kincaid
  • Jahmyr Gibbs
  • Quentin Johnston
  • Jordan Addison
  • Jaxon Smith-Njigba
  • Zach Charbonnet
  • Hendon Hooker
  • Michael Mayer
  • Will Anderson Jr.

    Hobby Configuration

    • 1 Pack per Box 
    • 7 Cards per Pack

    Every Box contains Five Autographs/Memorabilia Cards & Two Base/Base Parallels!

    2023 Gold Standard football is loaded with all the top rookies, veterans and retired stars the NFL has to offer.

    Look for Rookie Jersey Autographs of all the top drafted 2023 Rookies! Also find the short-printed Rookie Jersey Autographs Doubles and Rookie Jersey Autographs Triple, which feature multiple swatches and parallel to Prime (max #'d /49) and Tag (#'d 1/1)!

    New in 2023, look for brand new inserts Alchemist Autographs and Midas Touch, featuring signatures from the game's best, both past and present. Also be on the lookout for the new Citrine parallel for Base and Rookies sets!

    Chase Gold Jacket Signatures, 24K Autographs and 10K Autographs, featuring Hall of Famers and other NFL greats from the League's past!

    Returning in '23 - Find memorabilia cards in Heart of Gold Threads, Gold Gear, Gold Rush, White Gold, Mother Lode. Each of these cards parallel to prime versions (max #'d /24) and premium versions (#'d 1/1).


    BASE: Chase all the top current NFL stars as well as legends in a 100-card base set!

    - Base #'d /99
    - Platinum #'d /75
    - White Gold #'d /49
    - Citrine #'d /30
    - Rose Gold #'d /25
    - Violet #'d /10
    - Sapphire #'d /5
    - Black #'d 1/1

    ROOKIES: Chase a 100-card Rookie set that includes all of the top picks from the 2023 NFL Draft. Look for autographed parallels from the Rookie class!

    - Rookies (Base) #'d /99
    - Platinum #'d /75
    - White Gold #'d /49
    - Citrine #'d /30
    - Rose Gold #'d /25
    - Violet #'d /10
    - Sapphire #'d /5
    - Black #'d 1/1
    - Autographs Max #'d /199
    - Autographs Platinum Max #'d /49
    - Autographs Rose Gold Max #'d /25
    - Autographs Sapphire Max #'d /5
    - Autographs Black #'d 1/1

    ROOKIE JERSEY AUTOGRAPHS: Look for Rookie Jersey Autographs Double and Rookie Jersey Autographs Triple of all the top rookies from the 2023 NFL Draft!

    - Rookie Jersey Autographs Max #'d /149
    - Rookie Jersey Autographs Prime Max #'d /49
    - Rookie Jersey Autographs Prime Tags
    #'d 1/1
    - Rookie Jersey Autographs Double Max #'d /149
    - Rookie Jersey Autographs Double Prime Max #'d /49
    - Rookie Jersey Autographs Double Prime Tag Max #'d 1/1
    - Rookie Jersey Autographs Triple Max #'d /149
    - Rookie Jersey Autographs Triple Prime Max #'d /49
    - Rookie Jersey Autographs Triple Prime Tag #'d 1/1

    ALCHEMIST AUTOGRAPHS: Look for the insert Alchemist, featuring signatures from the NFL's best Star Players!

    - Alchemist Autographs Max #'d /99
    - Alchemist Autographs White Gold #'d /49
    - Alchemist Autographs Rose Gold #'d /24
    - Alchemist Autographs Sapphire #'d /10
    - Alchemist Autographs Black #'d 1/1

    24K AUTOGRAPHS: Look for the insert 24K Autographs, Featuring some of the NFL's more prolific QBs.

    - 24k Autographs Max #'d /99
    - 24k Autographs White Gold Max #'d /49
    - 24k Autographs Rose Gold Max #'d /24
    - 24k Autographs Sapphire #'d /10
    - 24k Autographs Black #'d 1/1

    OPULENCE ROOKIE: Look for low-numbered rookie cards that feature the stunning Opulence design from the top rookies of the 2023 NFL Draft Class!

    - Opulence Rookie #'d /35
    - Opulence Rookie Holo Silver #'d /25
    - Opulence Rookie Emerald #'d /10
    - Opulence Rookie Platinum #'d 1/1

    EL DORADO: New in 2023 - Chase one of the new Case hits El Dorado!

    SUPER BOWL DIAMOND SIGNATURES DUAL: Returning in 2023 - Hunt for Super Bowl Diamond Signatures Dual!

    GOLDEN TICKET: Look for Golden Ticket, featuring a 14-karat gold card represented by the top Players in the NFL!

    7 Cards per Box