Box Breaks

Americas Newest Way To Collect, Without The Huge Investment Or Risk

While card collecting is a historic and timeless hobby, “box breaking” has become a huge trend in recent years thanks to more accessible video streaming technology and the boom in demand and card value during the Pandemic. In this article, we’ll cover the basics of box breaks and why you might want to try one out.

What is a box break?

How do box breaks work?

Pick Your Team (pyt): Collectors buy a team (or multiple teams) and they receive every card pulled from that team. Prices for the teams are predetermined based on popularity/checklist of the team.
Division Group Break: In this break, collectors buy an entire division of a sport. For example, you would buy one of the four NFL divisions and then receive all of the cards from all the teams in that division. This break is typically more expensive but it gives collectors a better chance at getting a hit from the break and receive more cards overall.
Personal Box Break: In this break collectors buy a box that belongs to just them , the box is opened live on instagram and the cards are shipped to the collector with fast free shipping.


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How much does it cost?

Why should I try box breaking?

Value : Without a doubt, box breaking is one of the most cost effective ways to get cards you’re interested in for an affordable price. Instead of having to buy a box yourself and invest hundreds of dollars, you can pay a fraction of the price to get the teams you’re interested in. There is also a certain amount of quality control that comes with box breaking: buying a spot in a higher-caliber break means you could potentially get an extremely valuable card at a cut-rate. The Justin Herbert rookie card in the image above probably cost the breaker no more than $100's or less. Imagine that.. $100 got him a $220,000+ card less than a year later! Now thats great ROI!
Community: Another great benefit to box breaks is the camaraderie that goes along with the break. These are typically live streamed with a chat group running alongside. Collectors can share in the excitement of watching pull after pull, hit after hit. Some breaks run auctions during the stream so participants can have a little fun competing with one another. There can even be bonuses and giveaways during the livestream which is another added benefit to participating live.

From a breaker:

We asked our friends at Breaks of God why they think collectors should try out box breaking:

Collectors should give breaking a chance because it allows them to snag a bunch of hits and cards from their favorite teams out of several boxes at once and really amp up their collection quickly. Plus with breaking, it is instantaneous. You know exactly what you’ve hit from the comfort of your own home rather than having to travel to a brick and mortar store just to pick up a box.

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